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4 Benefits of Hiring
A Custom Graphics Installer for Your Next Event

4 Benefits of Hiring
A Custom Graphics Installer for Your Next Event

Now that businesses have reopened and friends and family are gathering, our team at Bullseye NYC is ready to get back to work on one of our favorite jobs: event installations. 

Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a family party, it’s important to have a vision and the right team to create it. We specialize in imaginative installations that transcend expectations. Parties that go beyond balloons and streamers. Trade shows that reimagine the average convention center. 

Here are a few benefits of working with our graphic installation company for your next event.

  1. Your idea comes to life with the help of a partner

Bullseye NYC isn’t just a commercial sign installer. We’re a creative team, using every resource available to make your vision materialize. 

While we specialize in a range of products like custom vinyl graphics, banners, floor graphics, window film, and step-and-repeat backdrops, we’re never afraid to step outside the box. If you have an idea, we’ll work with our partners in various industries, from graphic design to floristry, to make it come to life. For a Wimbledon-themed birthday party, we used our graphic design contractor to design a custom vinyl floor graphic: upon arrival guests knew they weren’t just entering a child’s birthday celebration, but they were stepping onto a Wimbledon tennis court. Our floral design partner collaborated with us on arrangements that incorporated calla lilies in vases filled with tennis balls.

Want to transform your home or event space into a basketball court? Or redesign a conference center to showcase your brand, from the walls and doors to the staircases? We’ve been there, done that, and have the pictures to prove it. If you have a new idea we’ve never attempted, we’re up for the challenge.

  1. Achieve the “wow” factor by transforming your space

Think of your venue as more than a space to gather. It’s a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into something new - an opportunity to create an experience for your guests. 

Wherever you want to take them, we have the knowledge and expertise to make it happen. “We want it to be as festive as possible,” says Bullseye NYC’s  director of finance. “We want people to come in and feel like they’re in a fairy tale.”

From floor to ceiling, window to wall, any part of your space can be reimagined as part of your aesthetic. 

For example, when tasked with designing a child’s candy-themed birthday party, we created a space that would give the impression of entering a life-sized Candyland board game. Large vinyl graphics of candy on the floor formed a winding path through the venue, outlined by giant “lollipops” in stands with floral arrangements. We blended flowers and candy graphics to achieve a fun atmosphere for the birthday girl and her guests.

3. Your event theme will pop with all the little details

Sure, we can make statement pieces that people will notice the moment they arrive. But what pulls an entire look together is the little details in the background. Custom vinyl graphics can help complete those finishing touches – like creative table numbers that match your event theme, or vinyl “flowers” beside natural ones to make a bouquet pop. 

For corporate events, it might not be the banners and signage that make your brand’s message stick with attendees. But rather, the vinyl hashtags on the steps to the conference room or the slogan displayed on the window.

4. Match your vision and style to any type of event

The events that clients hire us for run the gamut, because we’re ready for anything. These are just some of the events that have featured our installation work:

  • Sports events
  • Concerts
  • Corporate events/trade shows
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings

Whether you’re planning a festive party inspired by your child’s favorite hobby, or a professional event to display your company’s brand, we can tailor any venue to your vision. When you work with Bullseye NYC, the only limit is your imagination.

Want to work with us?

If you’re looking for a partner who “hits the bull’s eye” when creating something new and unique for your space, consider Bullseye NYC for your next event. 
Interested in hiring us or have questions about our work? Contact us today and our team will get back to you as soon as possible!