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7 Reasons to Invest in Building Wraps and Banners

7 Reasons to Invest in Building Wraps and Banners

Marketing today is often focused on social media, SEO, and online advertisements. When a significant part of our lives is spent on our phones, it’s easy to forget the other half of it: the time we spend out in the “real world.” 

Many of your potential customers are still going into the office or doing things like running errands, meeting friends for lunch, and simply trying to get from Point A to Point B. 

Is your advertising strategy meeting them where they are?

One effective way to achieve this is investing in building wraps and banners. These extra-large vinyl graphics are meant to make a big impression. And with fully customizable designs through Bullseye NYC, the options are endless. 

Here are some of the reasons you should consider these installations as part of your advertising plan.

1. Signage reaches a wide audience — even from a distance

Imagine the number of pedestrians, cars, and buses that pass by your building on a daily basis. Then add the number of people who are a few blocks away. And the people living and working in nearby apartments and office buildings? You can add them too. These are all the eyes sure to see your advertisement.

For instance, our team completed a building wrap installation near the Lincoln Tunnel from New York to New Jersey, which can be seen from a quarter mile away. The exposure from this type of advertising means your investment pays for itself. 

2. Visuals help build excitement

Building wraps and banners are often used to generate excitement around a project, event, or brand. 

Have something big in the works? Installing a visual that can be spotted from a distance is an effective way to spread the word. 

In the past, we’ve installed banners promoting upcoming HBO shows. We’ve shown the public “what’s to come” with ongoing construction projects. During a renovation at New York City’s Carnegie Hall, we created banners that displayed the new building designs. People knew what to expect, which built a sense of anticipation.

3. Visuals boost morale at the office

You may not always be promoting a product, service, or upcoming event. Instead, you might consider messaging about the people behind your organization or brand and the work they do. 

Placing motivational banners in high-traffic areas of a workplace (stairwells, elevators, common areas) can create an uplifting atmosphere, especially in places like hospitals and schools. During the height of the pandemic, Bullseye NYC provided graphic installation services for a medical facility. We created banners promoting their staff and displaying the words, “Heroes work here.”

4. Signage brings customers to you

Marketing is hard work. Particularly in the realm of social media, it requires constant strategizing, information updates, and communication with your audience. 

However, a commercial building wrap or banner is one component of your plan that requires little attention. Once installed, it does the work itself. All you have to do is wait for people to notice your message and gain an interest in your brand. With a little time, they’ll come directly to you!

5. Signage is an easy way to keep people informed

Have something you want people to know? Thanks to their size and visibility from a distance, large vinyl graphic installations like banners and wraps are an effective way to spread the word. 

Here are examples of ways you can use graphics to share information:

  • Business closures and updates (such as changes in hours or new locations)
  • Grand openings and events
  • Retail sales and discounts
  • Construction-related information: project details, directional information (if the construction site disrupts normal pedestrian/traffic routes), and projected completion dates

6. Imagery improves the aesthetic of an area

It’s not always about logos and taglines. Sometimes, you may want to use an outdoor banner or building wrap installation to showcase beautiful, creative imagery. It’s another effective method of drawing the public to your business, organization, or cause for two big reasons: 

  • People are naturally attracted to visuals that are aesthetically pleasing; further
  • Some people are more likely to respond to banners that look less like ads, appreciating the beautiful imagery and subtle messaging

For one of our past projects, JPMorgan Chase was seeking banners to conceal an outside construction area. They commissioned an artist to create new work, then tasked Bullseye NYC with creating banners of the artwork and installing them around the site. The result was a makeshift art show crafted from vinyl banners, free for the public to view and enjoy.

7. Vinyl graphics are durable

The vinyl used for building wraps and banners is tough and weather-resistant. When we complete an installation project, we guarantee the quality of our work and materials. Why? Because we know you need it to last. 

Banners and wraps are a great choice if you’re planning a promotion for a long period of time since there’s no need to worry about tears or damage. If there’s ever an issue, you can rest assured we’ll be on site to fix it as soon as possible.

Want to work with us?

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