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Reasons to install graphics at your school

Reasons to install graphics at your school

School should be a place where children are inspired to learn and grow. But how can the inside of the building affect the overall school culture, and help to create an inviting atmosphere? In addition to enhancing the interior design, custom graphics can have a positive effect on your school environment, and can even add interactive elements for students and staff as they pass through the hallways and classrooms. Bullseye NYC is known for our creative graphics installation capabilities. Here are just some of the possibilities.

1. Think outside the box with exterior installations.

Install something eye-catching for people to notice before they even enter the building. It might be as simple as imagery that represents learning, or the subject taught at your school. For example, we completed a graphic installation for the Sunset School of Cultural Learning that adorned their building with large music notes, ballet slippers, theatrical masks and an artist’s palette. 

Alternatively, you could choose to keep it current with large vinyl graphics promoting upcoming events (think science fairs, pep rallies, sports games and/or art shows), seasonal displays or messages welcoming students back to school. A custom banner installation can help create a sense of community and even generate excitement as students arrive to start their day.

2. Show off your brand to build school spirit.

Remember: your mascot, logo, colors and slogan are all part of your school’s identity. Don’t be afraid to show it off! You can use a graphic installation to stay on brand, incorporating your school colors throughout the hallways, common areas (ex. assembly rooms, lobby, cafeteria), the exterior of your building, floors and even the ceilings. This not only contributes to a cohesive look, but it could help boost the sense of school spirit and camaraderie within your school community. 

3. Step it up with stair graphics.

Yes, you can install vinyl graphics pretty much anywhere — even the stairs! In one school, we were tasked with installing the following message on a staircase: “In our blue ribbon school, we keep going, we are leaders, we help others, we keep moving forward, we take charge, we are bold, we are responsible, we believe in ourselves, we are safe, we are kind, we create goals.” The school colors, blue and yellow, alternated down the staircase, and each step displayed a different piece of the statement. 

Interested in installing stair graphics? Think of a message that is associated with your school or could be used to motivate students. Your graphics can serve as an inspirational reminder or a boost of positivity each time they take a step! 

Another approach is to make it educational: some clients choose to display thought-provoking questions or math problems (for instance, multiplication tables) on the steps. When kids see it every day, it may help them memorize the answers!

4. Be inclusive.

Custom graphics are a great way to foster a welcoming environment for all students. By installing a display with messages in multiple languages, you can ensure that ESL students feel included (a bonus: English-speaking students will be exposed to other languages as a result). Signage can also be used to share information about diversity, cultures, and celebrating differences. For example, the Luis Llorens Torres Children’s Academy chose wall graphics featuring illustrations of students with different races and cultures, and one displayed a welcome message with the word “welcome” in different languages.

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