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Oldestone Steakhouse Church Renovation: The Proof of Gold is Fire

Oldestone Steakhouse Church Renovation: The Proof of Gold is Fire

At Bullseye NYC, we never shy away from a challenge. 

Many clients think of us as the “sign guys.” While that’s true, our defining factor is that we go well beyond the call of duty. Success means loyalty to our clients, no matter the task. We represent your company professionally, working all hours necessary to meet your deadlines, creating high-quality, artistic installations that tell your story.

So, when another printing shop team referred us to a client with a particularly difficult project, we ran toward the fire.

Gold Detailing in an Artsy Town

Oldestone steakhouse was looking to open its doors in New Hope, Pennsylvania, an artsy town renowned for its incredible eateries. 

The restaurant offers a distinctive steak and seafood cuisine, housed in a 150-year-old church with a notable interior. And they wanted to maintain the interior as much as possible. 

For our team, this meant working with 20-foot-tall windows, ceilings, walls, and so on. 

Oldestone wanted to embrace their unique space by incorporating intricate gold detailing, reminiscent of a real church. Specifically, they wanted two stripes of gold to run along the interior walls to border everything from the arches on the walls to the windows and doorways.

Reclaiming the Church with Captivating Ambiance for the Steakhouse

Abandoned or desanctified religious buildings can quickly become high maintenance. Elements originally meant to create a sense of larger-than-life spirituality – open floor plans, vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows, and wood-paneled walls – are now leveraged by business owners for more. 

Paying Homage to the Original Building

From nightclubs to restaurants, desanctified churches have been repurposed to create a more captivating ambiance. When it comes to repurposing a church, many new owners like to pay homage to the original intent of the building. 

This was indeed the case with Oldestone. For them, this was not just a restaurant. It was also an 1800s church. They wanted to combine the feel of the restaurant and the church by emphasizing the “presence of the higher power.” 

However, this can be a difficult task depending on how old the structure is.

Creating Gold Trim with Perfect Spacing

With Oldestone, the building was particularly old. The interior trims and details were not perfect, which made it a challenge to create their gold trim design with perfect spacing. They first went to a painter, but quickly realized the quality and the longevity of a paint job would not match their vision.

Still, they needed a solution that had the feeling of paint. Bullseye NYC helped by making these trim details out of long-lasting, high-quality vinyl. 

Due to the uneven interior, our team diligently spent nearly two weeks mapping out measurements of all the straight and curved lines on the walls. We created exact physical templates of each arch and fixture on the walls to ensure the vinyl prints matched. 

Just 3 Days and 2 Nights of Installation

For the installation phase of Oldestone’s project, the Bullseye NYC team spent three days (18 hours each) and two nights installing the striping around the windows, doors, pillars, and front doors. We also applied full vinyl wraps to the interior bar tops to give the appearance of granite without the weight (or price!) of installing real granite tops. 

Despite the intensive work involved in this project, our team was thrilled to take part in such a challenge. In the words of our Founder and CEO, Igor Volnikov: 

“Any job we do comes with a whole different bunch of challenges, but when it’s done and you step back and look at the final product, you can take pride in what it looks like at the end.” 

Dreaming Big About Your Next Project?

When it comes to the vision of your next graphic installation, we’ll work with you on all the details, large and small. We bring the same fire and creative approach to all our projects, no matter the level of difficulty. 

Our first and only commitment is to transform your space – your way. Contact us to get started.