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The Way the Cookie Crumbles

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Custom Window Display Installation for New York Bakery

With the decades of combined experience we have at Bullseye NYC, we take pride in our ability to hit the target on every project. The variety of displays we’ve installed is a testament to our unique skills and dedication to our clients.

We’re honored to say that our reputation often precedes us. Many of our clients are referrals from past clients. But sometimes we have fun stories about how we get new customers.

Have you ever looked at a van wrap and thought to yourself, “Do those wraps even work?”

Vehicle Signage Led Levain Bakery to Bullseye NYC

Our New York-based client, Levain Bakery, was on the hunt for an installation company to partner with for a series of holiday window installations for their cookie chain. 

As they reached out to their contacts around the country, one of their Las Vegas-based connections saw a Bullseye NYC truck passing by. In a moment of serendipity, they wrote down the contact information displayed on our van wrap and sent it to Levain Bakery as a recommendation.

Simply by being in the right place at the right time with the right van wrap, we landed one of our most fun clients! So, the next time you’re contemplating an attractive van wrapping design for your business, go for it.

About the Bakery Window Display Project

Levain Bakery is one of the most renowned cookie chains in New York City. With seven New York stores and one in DC (and more on the way), the bakery has a longstanding reputation that extends beyond its original location on the Upper West Side.

The bakery’s headquarters on West 74th Street in New York City sets the tone. And no one does the holidays quite like New York.

As a hub of holiday spirit, the bakery wanted a unique holiday display that could be easily replicated across its locations.

Window displays are an incredible way for brick-and-mortar stores to drive foot traffic and encourage curious shoppers to come in. 

In fact, research shows that when retail spaces change their window displays, they see an increase in in-store foot traffic. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you regularly refresh your window display every couple of months. To get started planning your next display, feel free to reach out to Bullseye NYC.

When it comes to designing the perfect display, our team has found that a well-strategized theme that ties everything together with a unique focal point is the best way to draw attention.

A common mistake that we have seen physical stores make with their window displays is attempting to do too much. Without that central point, your window display will lack purpose and make it a lot harder to capture the attention of those passing by. 

With Levain Bakery, their theme was holiday cookies and their focal point was, well, their cookies! Given that their locations are all located on relatively busy streets with plenty of other stores competing for visitor attention, we wanted Levain’s display to command attention.

In collaboration with Lake Media Services, Levain Bakery designed a beautiful concept to implement in their window displays. The illustrations captured lifestyle scenes of cartoon silhouettes reaching for the baked goodies inside the store. 

We then incorporated their infamous cookies as a focal point in the display by hanging them from the inside of the store, creating the illusion that the graphic characters were reaching for real Levain cookies. 

Our Bullseye NYC team manipulated polypropylene copolymer (PPC) to craft the cookies and hung them from [what material?]. We printed the designs made by Lake Media with vinyl and applied them on the interior of the window displays. 

To take the holiday spirit one step further, we worked at the original location to create working lanterns out of hanging golden whisks. 

The other 7 Levain Bakery locations around the U.S. received the same set of graphic designs. Our Bullseye NYC team traveled to each of these locations to install the window displays and maintain the same quality and brand across all the Levain locations.

In the end, the client was satisfied with the window display design and installation. Levain’s Marketing Coordinator Kiera Beatty told us “Thank you so much for all your help & hard work with our holiday decorations. We couldn’t be happier with them!”

Work with Bullseye NYC for Your Retail Window Display

Window displays for retail stores are a powerful tool to increase foot traffic and your sales. Creating a captivating display takes focused planning and attention to detail in the installation phase to make sure you are creating an on-brand, exciting customer experience before they even enter your store.

Ready to refresh your window display with your best one yet? Learn more about how our window display services can help your retail store get more foot traffic than ever before. Contact us today to get started.