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4 Benefits of Installing Custom Window Displays

4 Benefits of Installing Custom Window Displays

Even in the digital age, storefront signage proves to be an effective advertising tool — and it’s not about to disappear anytime soon. The evidence is in the numbers: the average storefront sign is seen 50-60 times per month by those living within a five-mile radius, which could be responsible for up to 85% of monthly walk-in sales. In addition to traditional signage, a window graphic installation is a creative way to utilize your brick-and-mortar space for advertising while enhancing your outdoor aesthetic. 

As a national graphic installation company, we guarantee our clients superior quality and service (view our photo gallery to see examples of our work). Need more convincing? We have a few more reasons why a window display is worth the investment.

1. You’ll save money compared to other forms of advertising.

When you choose to install window graphics, you’re taking advantage of the free space already available and generating traffic to your business. As a result, you’ll spend less than you would for the advertising space on billboards, or even in magazines and online. 

Plus, when you work with Bullseye NYC, you’ll get even more bang for your buck: you have complete control over design, so you can be confident that you’ll be satisfied with the end product.

A note: in addition to New York, we have locations in Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. More importantly, from each of those locations we travel nationwide and internationally, and are always prepared to meet you on site — wherever it is that you call “home.”

2. Window displays can be easily removed and replaced.

Possibly the biggest benefit of custom vinyl graphics and banners is their temporary nature. Your window graphic can be removed and replaced with new ads whenever necessary, which makes them ideal for promoting time-sensitive information. Plus, updating your display with exciting new visuals is a great way to capture the attention of passersby.

Imagine the possibilities: window displays for seasonal or holiday advertising (like this one created for Levain Bakery), messages related to current events, or promotions of month-long sales and specials. There is no preset time frame, so you can schedule their removal whenever it’s convenient for you. 

Updating your graphics may even have a positive impact on your business: studies show increases in business after changing the design or enhancing the visibility of signage. This relates to window displays too!

3. Retail window graphics can be linked to digital campaigns.

Sure, posting links to social media is one way to drive traffic to your website. But how are you drawing your audience on the street? 

Incorporating links, QR codes and social media handles in your window graphic installation can get the job done. Tie in your branding by adding hashtags, slogans and designs specific to the campaign.

Here are a few use cases for promoting digital campaigns via your storefront:

  • Online deals and specials
  • Giveaways
  • Upcoming events hosted by your business
  • Customer surveys

4. Storefront displays combine marketing with practical solutions for your space.

We think we’ve made the case for window graphics as a great marketing tool. Another unique option you may not have heard about is perforated vinyl. This unique material allows you to install eye-catching promotions that can only be seen from outside the building, without sacrificing natural light or visibility for those who are inside. A perforated vinyl creates a sense of openness within your space, and can help shield harsh sunlight from your storefront. Another pro: it can also be beneficial if you’re remodeling and need to conceal ongoing work from the public.

Contact us to plan your next window installation.

Feeling inspired to get started on a storefront display? If you decide to work with Bullseye NYC and its sister locations, we promise you won’t be disappointed. We’ve installed custom vinyl graphics for the storefront windows of many businesses, including the following (view examples on our website):

  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Lacoste
  • Saks 5th Avenue
  • T-Mobile
  • Dollar Tree
  • Target
  • Chanel

…and many more! Whenever you’re ready, we can add your business to the list. Just contact us to share your ideas and we’ll get to work!